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เพจ Marketing Everywhere เป็นเพจที่มุ่งเน้นการนำเสนอเรื่องราวต่าง ๆในชีวิตประจำวันผ่านมุมมองของนักการตลาดต่างประเทศได้พบเจอ โดยผ่านเรื่องเล่าที่ Friendly และ Dynamic


เพจนี้สร้างขึ้นมาตอนที่แอดเคนนี่ (คณวัฒน์ อัศวฉัตรโรจน์) เริ่มทำงานด้านการตลาดอยู่ที่ประเทศอังกฤษตอนต้นปี 2016 แล้วรู้สึกเห็นไอเดียหลายๆอย่างน่าสนใจ เลยอยากเอาสิ่งที่ตัวเองเห็นมาแชร์เพื่อจะเป็นประโยชน์ให้เพื่อนๆ พี่ๆ น้องๆ ในประเทศไทยได้เห็น โดยตอนแรกพยายามตั้งเป้าว่าจะเขียนให้ได้ทุกวัน เลยตั้งชื่อว่า "Marketing Everyday" และ ได้เปลี่ยนเป็น "การตลาดจากต่างแดน (Marketing Everywhere)" ในปี 2022 ซึ่งเป็น Facebook เพจที่โตแบบ Organic และปัจจุบันมีผู้ติดตามกว่า 40,000 คน 


Before moving back to the UK, he was a Marketing Manager working for SINGHA. His job was to manage companies’ sports-related partnerships globally. Also, he has a solid academic and international marketing background.


He graduated ‘MSc Strategic Marketing’ from Imperial College Business School in London during 14-15 with the dean’s list for academic excellence and distinction. Prior to joining SINGHA, he had been immersing himself as a Thai marketer in England for three years. While he was working in the UK, he was also invited to be a ‘Panel Discussion Guest Speaker’ for ‘Empower ASEAN Conference’ in London and help ICBS for the marketing consulting project.


He is also a guest speaker and business consultant for Universities and organizations. ‘Marketing Consultant’, ‘International Marketing’ and ‘Digital Marketing’ are some of the areas he excelled. In Thailand, his pedagogic and international experiences provide his opportunity to connect with organizations as a consultant and guest speaker, for example, NANOTEC, Ministry of Science and Technology, Department of Industry Promotion and plenty of recognized business schools including Rangsit University International College. Moreover, he is the writer and the founder of 'Marketing Everyday' Facebook page.




He is working in the Partnership Marketing team at Shopee Thailand, a top e-commerce platform in South East Asia. He is currently the main responsible person for several mega projects with large financial partners such as KBank, SCB, and many more. Apart from his current expertise in marketing field, he also possesses knowledge and experience in various areas including finance, consulting, and technology in which he gained from his professional background at top multinational companies like ExxonMobil Limited or Hitachi Consulting Services.


As for his educational background, Tanan achieved a first-class honors during his undergraduate degree from the faculty of commerce and accountancy, Chulalongkorn University in 2012. However, with his strong passion in marketing industry, he decided to gear his career goal towards marketing by taking MSc Strategic Marketing programme at Imperial College Business School where he graduated with distinction.


In addition to his full time job, Tanan also manages a Youtube channel and a Facebook page which express his interest in performing magic tricks. His achievements including winning the first prize from the Thailand's Street Magic and again from ICBS's talent competition have shown his creativeness, dedication, and his passion in this form of art. He is also working as a content writer and a co-administrator of the Facebook page "Marketing Everyday".



She is an undergraduate student in the major of Digital Transformation and Innovation at Thammasat University. She is 1 of 13 scholars of the CIMB ASEAN Scholarship 2019 from more than 7,000 applicants.

Her internship experience in digital marketing has got so far, for example, SANSIRI PLC and CIMB Thai Bank.

She doesn't only studying but also doing a job as being freelance and tutor on the weekend.

She joined 'Talking outside the tweet' podcast hosted by SANSIRI in The great reset episode with K.Srettha Thavisin.





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